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A message from the Executive Principal

At Waterhead Academy we are committed to delivering an outstanding education to all our students to ensure that we can say, with confidence, “we gave every student his or her GCSE passport to success”.  

As the Executive Principal of three academies and former Principal of high performing and hugely respected Moor End Academy, I’m passionate about the belief that all individuals need to feel valued and encouraged and I have a deep-seated belief that all children deserve an excellent education regardless of what school they attend.  

I firmly believe that positive relationships and a culture of mutual respect should be at the core of what we do every day, along with high quality teaching and pastoral care. Our ambition will always focus on providing a school environment with a strong ethos, and a culture of high expectations to create a stimulating, ambitious and caring environment to enable our students to thrive and achieve their full potential. To me, it’s essential that all members of our school community put in the time and energy to bring our vision to life. It’s important that everyone who steps through our doors - staff, students and parents - are excited to be here and understand that everything we do is underpinned by our three core values of Respect, Ambition and Determination.  

Mr Kash Rafiq 

Executive Principal 

  1. Moor End Academy 
  2. Park Lane Academy 
  3. Waterhead Academy