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Adverse weather

As the winter progresses, we can expect a heavy snow fall at any time. While we make every effort to keep the school open, there may be times when we have to close, either for a full day or during the day.

We understand that the majority of our pupils live within walking distance of the Academy and can get to school in most circumstances. However, many of our staff team live further afield and may have difficulty getting in during heavy snow, making it impossible to maintain our pupil to staff ratios. There are a number of other health and safety issues we need to consider to ensure the safety of everyone while they are in school.

In the event of snow, please note the following:

Assume Waterhead Academy will open in the first instance.

Check your MyEd App - We will update this if school is closed.

Check the Website - We will add a banner message to the home page if we are closed.  

Check your text messages – we will let you know if school is going to be closed for the day as early as we can. We will also let you know if school closes during the day by text. If you do not receive school text messages, please let the office have your mobile number. 

Check our website for information or 

Listen to Key 103fm They will read out lists of schools that are closed.

Please do not telephone the school – we try to keep these lines open so that staff can contact us to let us know their situation.