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Heads of Year

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our pastoral care as we believe it’s important our young people feel safe, happy, supported and cared for, which enables the development of their character, wellbeing and potential.

Pivotal to the pastoral care programme is the important role of the Head of Year who have daily contact with our students and parent/carers and are able to: help with the pupils’ personal daily organisation, deal with any concerns quickly and effectively; as well as monitoring planners, school uniform, behaviour, attendance and academic progress.

Mr S Hardy


Mr S Hardy - Head of Year 7

Mrs N Coulton - Ass Head of Year 7


Mrs J Poole - Head of Year 8


Mr Q Rehman - Ass Head of Year 8


Mr L Heavens - Head of Year 9 


Mrs A Bukhari - Ass Head of Year 9


Mr L Richmond - Head of Year 10


Miss E Moss - Ass Head of Year 10


Mrs K Connelly - Head of Year 11


Mrs J Haslam - Ass Head of Year 11