Waterhead Academy

A Poem for Year 11

Congratulations for yet another outstanding poem written by Year 8's Holly Marsh to the students in Year 11 preparing for their GCSE's. 


The Hall

My feet ache.
My legs are tired,
This hall must be endless, surely?

I continue walking,
Every bead of sweat a milestone of fatigue.

I trudge down,
Until I pass a strange window.
The rest were the same,
But this one stood out like a rainbow.

It was glistening,
The soft twinkle of hope.

I didn’t walk this time,
I ran.

I ran far,
Fuelled by my motivation.

After a while,
I finally reached the end.
The pearly pure light beckoning me to go.

I glanced back,
I had come so far!

Filled with gratitude,
I walked,

To the end.

To success.


By Holly Marsh, Poet Laureate