Waterhead Academy

Platinum Jubilee Pageant London

We are so proud of our fabulous students who participated in the Queens Jubilee pageant on Sunday in London. Some are pictured here. 

Over 30 young people from Oldham took part in this historic event as part of the Global Grooves Group - Carnival  performance  – representing Greater Manchester –  with over 200 performers from Greater Manchester. The young people took part in workshops over the previous two months to help create the amazing flags that they carried as part of the pageant. It was simply amazing and such an honour that the young people could be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ali, Arslan and Jennifer where nominated to take part as they are members of the Oldham Youth Council. Niamh was nominated to participate as she is a member of Oldham Theatre workshop

An absolute credit to the Oldham and of course to Waterhead Academy.